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Food Vacuuming
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Vacuum Chamber Machine

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Extra strong vacuum ✔ 
A pressure below 15 mbar can be achieved with the home vacuum chamber machine from MULTIVAC. For even longer shelf life for your food.

Simple operation ✔ 
All the functions can be controlled intuitively by means of the rotary knob. Child's play and effortless.

Mobile and light ✔ 
With a weight of just 12 kg and dimensions of 31 x 22.5 x 48 cm, the home vacuum chamber machine from MULTIVAC finds space in every kitchen and can even be stowed away in kitchen cupboards. The device can easily be moved if required.

Maintenance free ✔ 
The oil-free pump in MULTIVAC's home vacuum chamber machine does not need to be serviced, unlike machines in the commercial sector.

External vacuum ✔ 
Bottles and vacuum containers can easily be evacuated by means of the vacuum hose.




✔ Marinating function
Thanks to the automatic marinating function with its pulsating vacuum, marinades can penetrate into meat, fish and vegetables within a very short time - a maximum of 30 minutes!

✔ Double-seam sever sealing
The excess length of the film pouch can be detached very easily thanks to the double seal seam. For a hygienic pack.

✔ Individually adjustable vacuum
The vacuum level can be adjusted easily by means of the rotary knob and saved under Favourites if required. There are also some useful presettings for frequently used functions.

✔ Outstanding design
Thanks to its superb design, the iF Design Award 2017 was given to our vacuum chamber machine.

✔ Made in Germany.
The device is manufactured by professionals: MULTIVAC has been developing chamber machines for over 55 years, and it manufactures these at its company headquarters in Wolfertschwenden in the Allgäu region of Germany.


Drei Vorteile Vakuumierer [ID: 3307]


The three most important benefits of an evacuation device in your kitchen.

Retain Quality.

A simple and hygienic way to keep raw food and prepared meals fresher for longer in practical portions and right up to the last serving.


You can divide larger quantities into the required portion sizes. You only need to open as much as you require.


You can pack food for hygienic storage and leakproof transport.

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IF Design Award für Vakuumierer home von MULTIVAC
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Why do professionals use a vacuum chamber machine?

Do you currently own a vacuum sealer? We are delighted that you already enjoy the benefits of an evacuation device in your household. If you are already familiar with other types of evacuation devices, you will be surprised by the additional benefits, which a vacuum chamber machine offers you.


Evacuation of liquids.

You are already familiar with the problem: liquid products cannot be vacuum packed in other types of evacuation devices, which do not have a chamber. In contrast to this however, there is no problem with a vacuum chamber machine in evacuating products, which have a high proportion of liquids. This is not only beneficial for sauces and soups, but also for food that contains meat juices and marinades.

No special film pouches required.

With a vacuum chamber machine there is no requirement for specially structured film pouches, as is the case with non-chamber devices. You can use low-cost, smooth film pouches for the evacuation process. Many other types of original packaging can also be resealed in a vacuum chamber machine.

Evacuation of glass jars.

Thick-wall glass jars, such as for example preserving jars and twist-off jars, or rigid vacuum containers can be evacuated without any additional aids. Ideal for homemade food and jams. 

Optimum preparation for sous-vide.

Vacuum cooking is a process that is particularly gentle on the product, so that meat, fish and vegetables etc. can be cooked reliably at low temperature to the ideal point. A professional vacuum pack and low cooking temperature ensure that vitamins, nutrients, aromas and the texture of the cooked food are retained. Less liquid escapes during the cooking process, and this prevents the high-quality food products from drying out. Thanks to the residual liquid, aromas are more intense. At the same time, the food under vacuum has a significantly longer shelf life.

Our tip: Make sure of a faultless, high-quality vacuum pack when sous-vide cooking. Optimum heat distribution can only be guaranteed, if the pack is tight and without air pockets. So that you shine with the perfect steak for your guests.

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Quicker and more intense.

A more intense taste and faster results - even when your guests are already on the way: you can marinate meat. feta, tofu, onions or pears in just 15 to 30 minutes. Thanks to the professional vacuum achieved by home and its special marinating function, the marinade penetrates particularly quickly and deeply into the product. The marinating time is reduced significantly and the effect of the aromas increased.



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Outstanding design.

And inner values.

High-quality materials, outstanding workmanship, a maintenance-free vacuum pump and very simple operation are the main features of the MULTIVAC home. It was also given the iF Design Award 2017.





Technische Daten [ID: 3312]

Technical specifications

Machine dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 310 x 480 x 225
Chamber size (W x D x H) in mm 200 x 230 x 100
Maximum size of the film pouch (W x L) in mm 200 x 300
Sealing length in mm 210
Suction power of the vacuum pump 2.5 m3 / h
Lowest final vacuum pressure technically achievable < 15 mbar
Noise emission < 70 dB
Weight in kg approx. 12
Power supply 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
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It all began in 1961 in a small garage.

It all began in 1961 in a small garage, when company founder, Sepp Haggenmüller, developed his first vacuum chamber machine for packaging food in film pouches - a groundbreaking invention at that time.

Today MULTIVAC is one of the leading providers worldwide of packaging solutions used to pack food, life science and healthcare products as well as industrial items. We have developed and manufactured vacuum packaging machines for the commercial sector for more than 55 years. Since we are convinced about the benefits of professional vacuum chamber machines, we can now offer you these benefits for your household with our home vacuum chamber machine.

This device has been developed to enable you to enjoy the benefits of professional evacuation at home - and all this with an outstanding design and intuitive ease of operation.

The home vacuum chamber machine is manufactured by us in Germany at the company's headquarters in Wolfertschwenden in the Allgäu region, and it is produced to the highest levels of quality and safety. Your device will be dispatched from the factory to you personally.

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